Creating beautiful bespoke parametric furniture to enrich your life

Made in Cheshire to exacting standards, all our pieces will bring the wow factor to your home.

Joshua Knight is an ex British Army Royal Electrical and Mechanical  Engineer who developed a passion for woodworking whilst off duty on camp.

Joshua’s attention to detail, engineering knowledge and keen eye for design allows him to produce beautifully crafted wooden furniture.


We pride ourselves on only using FSC and PEFC certified materials for our finished products.

venusto parametric furniture

What is parametric design?

Parametric design is the method that we use for our bespoke furniture. The components are engineered and shaped according to algorithmic processes rather than a design. It’s an approach rather than a style and that allows us to create high-end unique pieces of furniture.

Whether you’re an interior designer, home owner or business you can own a distinctive piece of hand finished furniture or artwork tailored to your exact requirements.

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Take a look at the Venusto Collection

Here are examples of some of our bespoke parametric furniture. We can tailor dimensions to suit your needs and will work with you to deliver a beautiful piece of furniture that will be the talking point of any room.